Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 33

          I got to work early and I added presenter's notes to the slide show. After the staff meeting, I had to fill out a survey of how my experiences were this summer. Afterwards, Halle and I walked over to the color science building to participate in an experiment. They had us look at 60 images and circles areas in the images that were important then number those circles by level of importance. It was a nice, simple activity for the morning. After the experiment I talked with Dr, Berns who is the head of the color science program about the program. He gave me a tour of facility. The equipment was pretty nice and the work was compelling. He also highly recommended the imaging program as an undergrad then going into color science for grad school.
          In the afternoon Elaine and I ran through the powerpoint again. It definitely got a lot better and I don't think that we will go over during the final presentation. I'm kind of looking forward to just presenting. Hopefully everything will go well for everyone.

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