Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 20

         Today until the rest of the week Elaine is on vacation so it's been kind of quiet. I talked to Dr. Hornak after the staff meeting about Elaine and I's idea about the final presentation regarding optimizing NMR signal. He seemed to like it and he just encouraged me to do a section at the end with implications in which Elaine and I would cover things that could be imaged with an NMR tube and some of the pictures we have taken thus far (plant stems, fish, etc..).
         He told me ways to get the variables that would influence image quality. So now I have a rough outline of the things I need to do to get the right variables for the best image possible. I think we finally managed to pin down a project this time, so I'm pretty excited.
          In te afternoon Dr. Hornak and I went to the college of science to continue to work out the kinks with the older NMR machine. We ran into a few more problems. The main issue was that a line of high intensity signal kept appearing in some of the images that should not be there. However, we were able to take some good images that we can use to calculate some of the variables. My next task is converting those images to Jpeg and creating and excel graph with signal intensity and TR values.

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