Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 28

            This morning Elaine and I continued to work on our powerpoint. We're also trying to nail down the title for our presentation. It's a little harder than it may seem. We also created a list of everything that has to get done for our presentation.
            A student came by who was interested in the imaging science program so we got to tell her what we've been doing all summer. In addition Bethany paid for all of the interns to come to lunch with her. It was a lot of fun.
            In the afternoon Elaine and I merged what we had both been doing separately with the powerpoint. We're making progress. We're also going to retake some microscopic images as well as a few NMR images. This should give all the images we need; but we still have to spend a lot of time on the first part of our presentation in which we describe the science and theory behind MRI imaging.

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