Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 33

          I got to work early and I added presenter's notes to the slide show. After the staff meeting, I had to fill out a survey of how my experiences were this summer. Afterwards, Halle and I walked over to the color science building to participate in an experiment. They had us look at 60 images and circles areas in the images that were important then number those circles by level of importance. It was a nice, simple activity for the morning. After the experiment I talked with Dr, Berns who is the head of the color science program about the program. He gave me a tour of facility. The equipment was pretty nice and the work was compelling. He also highly recommended the imaging program as an undergrad then going into color science for grad school.
          In the afternoon Elaine and I ran through the powerpoint again. It definitely got a lot better and I don't think that we will go over during the final presentation. I'm kind of looking forward to just presenting. Hopefully everything will go well for everyone.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 32

        Today felt long. I brought in some cupcakes this morning from a family party that we had over the weekend. Those made the morning slightly more exciting. Elaine and I went up to see Joe Pow this morning to check over our powerpoint. He warned about going over the 20 minutes which is my biggest concern at the moment. Hopefully we'll get through it all right on thursday.
       Elaine and I began to work on our poster that summarizes our research and the capabilities of the new NMR machine. It is about half way done and it is looking very professional. I am excited at the thought that it will be hung up in the lab that we have been working at all summer. I'll probably work on it some more tonight and we can show Dr. Hornak tomorrow morning.
      Lastly, Elaine and I also did the first run through of our presentation by ourselves today. We both have plenty of room for improvement in the area of clarity of our words. A lot of the theories that we are presenting are very delicate so it's important that our language is precise and accurate. Again, I'm hoping that this will work out for thursday.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 31

           Today was another slightly boring day because all Elaine and I had to work on was our powerpoint. We keep adding slides to explain concepts, variables, and theories we introduced previously. However these explanations are going to take some time so we've had to cut back on some other slides. All in all it's coming along. I think that everything in regards to changing NMR variables to create a better picture is going be kind of dry; but when we actually start showing NMR images, I think we'll pick up some attention.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 30

          Today we asked Joe about the theory part of our presentation. He was very helpful in clarifying the terms and concepts that we would be covering in our presentation. Elaine and I worked on clarifying these concepts. I got a really good idea of where our presentation is going thanks to the theory work Elaine and I put into it today.
         We showed Dr. Hornak our presentation for the first time at the end of the day. He gave us some really good suggestions about re-wording some areas and completely avoiding concepts with over-complicated explanations. Dr. Hornak also said that Elaine and I could make a poster presenting the work we have been doing over the summer and also showing off the capabilities of the new NMR machine. This task would be for next week if we have extra time after we have finalized our presentation.

Day 29

         Today we got some more images done for our powerpoint. Elaine brought in more plants that we needed to image with the optimal microscope. So I went right to work on those. Afterwards I put them in our powerpoint. This is a lengthy process because the microscope only has a broad enough view to image a small section of a plant stem. This problem translates into me carefully overlapping many images of the same plant to get the entire stem. In addition to that we also ran slice thickness scans on one of the plants. However the signal was so low in these images once we countered the automatic intensity scaling feature that these images were useless due to their darkness.
         We spent most of the day doing these things so we weren't able to do the theory part of our presentation. That is tomorrow's task...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 28

            This morning Elaine and I continued to work on our powerpoint. We're also trying to nail down the title for our presentation. It's a little harder than it may seem. We also created a list of everything that has to get done for our presentation.
            A student came by who was interested in the imaging science program so we got to tell her what we've been doing all summer. In addition Bethany paid for all of the interns to come to lunch with her. It was a lot of fun.
            In the afternoon Elaine and I merged what we had both been doing separately with the powerpoint. We're making progress. We're also going to retake some microscopic images as well as a few NMR images. This should give all the images we need; but we still have to spend a lot of time on the first part of our presentation in which we describe the science and theory behind MRI imaging.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 27

            Today was the undergraduate research symposium . In addition Dr. Hornak wasn't here so Elaine and I had free reigns for the day. We watched a couple presentations by the undergrads. They were actually pretty engaging. There was also a free catered Chinese lunch = good deal.
            In addition to that we got to go on the roof of the imaging science building. There was an experiment being set up. A plane would fly over the roof with a camera underneath and take notice of a bunch of crates that were evenly spaced. I don't actually know the point of this but we did get to help set up. Most of the interns also came back later when the plane was supposed to be flying over. After waiting an hour or so the plane still hadn't flown over so we just left. We later found out that the plane had actually flown over several times and none of us had noticed. I'm not upset though, the roof was awesome, plane or no plane. Good day.