Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 17

        Friday was a bit of a slow day. Elaine and I didn't do mch in the morning. We were scheduled to use the 12-year-old NMR machine in the college of science in the afternoon so we did print out the program parameters for the machine we have been using in order to copy them into the other system.
       We had our picnic, grill-out for lunch. Prati brought gnome bowling which is surprising harder than it would see. We also spent some quality time playing frisbee. 
       After lunch Dr. Hornak took Elaine and I to the older NMR machine. The normal probe for the machine does readings for spectroscopy. The one we've been using allows a person to use the machine for imaging purposes. This means that whenever we use the older machine we have uninstall the spectroscopy probe, install the imaging probe and put the other one back when we're done. This process requires us to disconnect about 10 cords, take out the probe from the bottom of the machine, insert a new one and reconnect the cords.
        We spent time trying to copy the imaging program, however this was not very successful. The program is a much older version on the other NMR so a lot of the parameters did not transfer properly. We spent a lot of time troubleshoting but were not very successful.

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