Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 23

          I caught Elaine up to speed on everything she had missed last week. We both went right down to the NMR machine in the basement with Dr. Hornak. We were excited to use it since it had been down for a decent amount of time. So of course we repeatedly got a warning message after two minutes of use. This error translated into yet another day we couldn't use the NMR. On an up note is was fixed at the end of the day.
          Elaine and I didn't get much done because almost everything we need to do involves the NMR. So we worked through our powerpoint some more instead. Dr. Hornak also set a meeting for me to talk with Dr. Smith who is a polymer chemist. I'm thinking about majoring in polymer chemistry so it was interesting to hear about the equipment in his lab and some basic theories. His main message though was to get a solid foundation in undergraduate school (major in chemistry) then specialize in polymers. So despite not being able to use the NMR, a little learning still occurred.  

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