Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 25

           Today was a day full of progress. Not only was there indeed an automatic scaling feature in the NMR program, but Dr. Hornak was also able to find a way to counteract it affects. So Elaine and I were able to change the scans we had taken the day before to represent their true intensities. This made the data comparable, and we were able to graph it. There is still some margin of error in the graphs so we did some of the images over again at the end of the day.
           All the interns got to go to the grill-out for undergraduates who conducted research over the summer.  That was pretty fun except it took them a while to serve all the people that had come.
           Elaine and I also spent some time on the powerpoint. I did comparison slides showing the cross-sectional image of a plant under a microscope and the corresponding NMR image of that plant. So good data and good results basically equaled a good day.

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