Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 21

            I came in early to convert the NMR images I took with Dr. Hornak the other day to jpegs. But when I went downstairs, all three of my labs were caution taped. I guess those rooms were due for cleaning because all the furniture was in the hallways. So I went upstairs and wrote my blog instead.
           After the staff meeting, I worked on two graphs that were supposed to tell me the T1 and T2 values for the sample I had imaged. In addition to that, I also tried to convert my images because the lab was open after and  hour or two. Only one of my graphs was conclusive the other was completely messed up. The old NMR machine is not producing the best data that can be used for graphs.
           Then I was having problems with converting the images. Turns out I was using the wrong version of IDL. But the second Dr. Hornak left, of course, there were problems again. I was a little frustrated, so I just stopped and went to the grill-out. That turned out to be a lot of fun despite the fact that several interns are gone on vacation. We managed to get a Frisbee stuck in a tree. Matt climbed the tree to try and get it out, but was unsuccessful.
           I talked to Dr. Hornak after lunch about the pictures. He figured out that the picture I was trying to convert had been corrupted somehow and that's why it wasn't working. After that I was finally able to convert all the pictures with no problems. Later in the afternoon, the engineer came to fix the NMR machine. He brought all kinds of equipment and was hooking it up and running tests and fixing current and other things I wasn't quite following. But I had to leave while he was still working so I'm looking forward to see how thing's are coming...

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