Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 22

              I got in early and began working on my blog. After the staff meeting, I spent some time organizing a powerpoint slide. I took a dozen NMR images of the same fish that were taken at various spot at sequential spots along its body. I then organized them so it showed the cross sectional images of the fish every millimeter starting at the the tail and going all the way up to the top of the head. I must say, it looked pretty neat.  
               Soon enough, we all left for the field trip. We went to Amiel's for lunch and got subs. The food was pretty good. Once we got to Xerox, we watched a video about how the company was expanding its products. A few of the researchers that were making the discoveries for these new expansions gave us presentation about their work. Some of their work was detecting lit cigarettes at gas stations, creating security features for documents (uv marks, gloss, etc) as well as personalized, instructional medical videos for patients. That was the most interesting part to me. We got a tour of the manufacturing facility for a $600,000 printer afterwards.
              When I got back to RIT, Joe said the NMR machine was back up and running again. So hopefully, Elaine and I can begin taking images on monday...

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