Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 32

        Today felt long. I brought in some cupcakes this morning from a family party that we had over the weekend. Those made the morning slightly more exciting. Elaine and I went up to see Joe Pow this morning to check over our powerpoint. He warned about going over the 20 minutes which is my biggest concern at the moment. Hopefully we'll get through it all right on thursday.
       Elaine and I began to work on our poster that summarizes our research and the capabilities of the new NMR machine. It is about half way done and it is looking very professional. I am excited at the thought that it will be hung up in the lab that we have been working at all summer. I'll probably work on it some more tonight and we can show Dr. Hornak tomorrow morning.
      Lastly, Elaine and I also did the first run through of our presentation by ourselves today. We both have plenty of room for improvement in the area of clarity of our words. A lot of the theories that we are presenting are very delicate so it's important that our language is precise and accurate. Again, I'm hoping that this will work out for thursday.

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