Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 27

            Today was the undergraduate research symposium . In addition Dr. Hornak wasn't here so Elaine and I had free reigns for the day. We watched a couple presentations by the undergrads. They were actually pretty engaging. There was also a free catered Chinese lunch = good deal.
            In addition to that we got to go on the roof of the imaging science building. There was an experiment being set up. A plane would fly over the roof with a camera underneath and take notice of a bunch of crates that were evenly spaced. I don't actually know the point of this but we did get to help set up. Most of the interns also came back later when the plane was supposed to be flying over. After waiting an hour or so the plane still hadn't flown over so we just left. We later found out that the plane had actually flown over several times and none of us had noticed. I'm not upset though, the roof was awesome, plane or no plane. Good day.

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