Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 9

          I came in early today because I have to leave from 11-4 today, tomorrow, and wednesday to teach a jewelry course at my school. Early this morning, I went to the computer lab and worked on improving the quality of some of our scans with iphoto. I also read more of Dr. Hornak's online book about MRI.
         After the morning meeting, Dr. Hornak's same grad student gave us her revised presentation from last week. She improved significantly, and once she works out a few more little kinks, she should be ready to give her talk. Then Elaine and I went down to the lab and we ran scans on the seeds that we are growing in the test tubes. They are developing well. We also ran scans on a maple branch, raspberry bush branch, and a celery stalk. Many of our images are poor quality and Dr. Hornak is giving us recommendations to improve the quality. Hopefully these techniques will work.
         I left to go to jewelry camp and that was a blast! The kids were great and pretty talented. Once I got back, I found Elaine and she has updated me on what happened today. For the rest of the day I'm going to continue to  work on picture contrast with iphoto and I might go down to the lab to see if there are any more samples to scan.

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