Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 14

           Well, I got in early today again to start research for our plant comparison. I made a chart of the plants Elaine and I have imaged with the NMR and the microscope. The hope is that similarities in the characteristics of the plants (annual, pereneial, amount of sunlight, needed water amount,etc) will correlate with the NMR images of the plant. For example, plants that are fruit bearing may have a ring of high hydrogen concentration around the edge of the stem.
           After the staff meeting I figured out how to convert the pictures taken with the microscope to jpegs so they can be viewed on other computers. I also continued to research plant characteristics. At 10:15, everyone met in the gallery (the interns and some undergrads). We took a tour of Rochester Precision Optics. One of the best parts was that RIT rented a party bus to transport us and we got to play games on the way there. The tour was pretty interesting. There was tons of machinary in the building. Also many of the rooms were pretty loud so I was curious as the whether engineers lost their hearing faster than most people. However, I'm sure they could probably figure a way to make a super advanced hearing aid. Anyways.....we all went to pizza hut for lunch. That was also a lot of fun. Ed and I were strategizing on how long to wait to get the best food in the buffet line. Out methods worked because our food was the freshest. 
          When we got back to RIT, Elaine and I contiued to work on our plant samples. However, the research was not as conclusive as I had hoped. So we went to talk to Dr. Hornak about our (lack of) results. He is suggesting that we do a study on how the NMR picture changes as we deprive a plant of water, or if we freeze it, or if we put chemicals in it. Because all of this testing requires plants, Elaine and I drove to a local plant store and bought some plants that we could use to experiment on. So that was pretty much it for today. Not bad for a monday.

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