Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 8

         I saw the midnight premiere of Harry Potter last night, so I have been pretty tired today. This morning we went down to the lab and spent the morning trying to figure out the default slice thickness of the NMR machine. After several hours, we figured out that it is about 1.3mm. This means that all the images taken have been a visualization of a particular 1.3mm of the sample.
        Many of us were so tired today that we didn't bother walking to global village for lunch. So we just had a picnic under the pine trees outside of the imaging science building.
        After lunch, Elaine and I did a lot of scans on a fish and a ghost squid. Each scan takes about 4.5 minutes so there is a lot of waiting involved. But we passed the time by listening and singing to music. Lastly, we went for a quick walk around campus to find possible plant stems to image. So the day is over and I'm really excited for the weekend.

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