Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 3

            Today turned into an unusual sort of day. It started out great through because Bob gave all the interns free 4GB flash drives to use during our internships or for our own purposes. We also made a plan so that all the interns could eat lunch together at global village. Then Elaine and I went to Dr. Hornak's office and learned more fundamentals of MRI. Even though he only went over information for an hour and a half, I found it incredibly helpful. Yesterday was just taking in so much information, but today I was able to start making some connections and was able to begin to understand the material. Dr. Hornak has taught us basic principles of MRI, and now I am beginning to see the cross references to the computer program that is connected to the NMR machine. I'm learning from the science that Dr. Hornak has taught to use the program to get the image, ways to make the process faster, how to get it to 2D, and ways to improve resolution.
            Around 10:30, Dr. Hornak left because he was not feeling well. So he asked Elaine and I to continue to read his online book on the basics of MRI and also take the online RIT lab safety course so that we can work with lab equipment. My password kept being rejected at the safety course log-in, and Joe Pow directed me to the ITS Helpdesk to resolve the problem. They had to send the issue on to someone else who could fix the problem, and they were going to update me through emails. When I checked my email, they had confused my identity with one of the other interns, so I had to get that corrected. After many more emails, a phone call, and another trip down to the service desk, Kristi was able to fix my problem. Throughout the entire process, everyone who helped me was incredibly gracious and pleasant.
          Elaine and I are continuing to brainstorm possible samples to image with the NMR machine. I had fun today because I got to catch up on anything I needed to do and do it.

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