Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 7

           To start the day, Elaine and I listened to a grad student practice her talk on research relating to the field of MRI. She was nervous, but what she had to say was very interesting. We made suggestion for her to improve the conclusion to make it have more pizzazz.
         We took more images of various plants and we finally got to image our fish. The platns turned out surprisingly well. And our fish wasn't producing very good imges at first then we got two really great ones. We would never have created them if Dr. Hornak hadn't showed us how to move the image slice up or down on the sample. Afterwards we finally converted all of the images we had taken with the NMR to JPEG's which means we could see the images in much higher definition.
       The high point of the day was definitely our cook-out at lunch. We all brought in food and supplies so it was like a miny potluck. Everyone got a chance to play bocee ball and ladder ball. Then the boys cooked out hots and hamburgers. I had the prestigious job of putting the burgers on the grill; I almost dropped one through the grates of the grill, but I saved it. Tomorrow's friday, can't wait for the weekend1 

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