Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 6

        Tomorrow we are having a team-building lunch. Joe Pow, Bob Callens, and Bethany Choate have arranged to get us a grill and we have divided up food to bring between all the interns. I'm really looking forward to it because we'll have music, kan jam, and gnome bowling as well.
microscope that took pictures
        This morning Elaine and I planted seeds in the NMR tubes. Our hope is that they will grow and we will be able image them with the NMR machine to see their internal growth. Dr. Hornak walked us over to the college of science to use a microscope that had a camera hooked up to a computer. We were hoping to take digital photos of the stems we NMR'ed yesterday so that we could compare the two images. However the magnification of the microscope was too strong for what we needed. Dr. Hornak is looking into whether the National Technical Institute for the Deaf on the other side of campus has a photographic microscope with a lesser magnification.

Seeds we planted in the NMR tubes
       This afternoon we continued to image more plants and insects. We are finding that the plants produce nice images where as the insects mostly create a blob. In the afternoon we watched a speaker present about new scanning methods for biomedical imaging. All in all, a good day. It's just that it's getting harder to find samples to image due to the tiny size of the NMR tubes.

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