Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 15

          I missed tuesday so that I could see Alfred University. It has the only glass engineering program in the whole country there, and I found it to be a very interesting degree. As it turned out, Elaine didn't come to work tuesday either because of a virus, so nothing really got done on tuesday.
          However Wednesday is a different story. Elaine and I worked with the plants we bought last week. We set them up so that some will be dehydrated, some will be over-wated, some will be a control group, and others are being put in various liquids (distilled water, salt water, mountain dew, alcohol, etc). After that we  imaged a healthy plant with both the NMR and the microscope. We are going to use these images as a comparison to the end results of the other plants. I hope this yields some interesting results.
           There was a free pizza lunch today with popcorn if you stayed to watch an educational movie. Most of the interns took advantage of this offer. The movie was interesting; it focused on ways to make a great presentation by using simple powerpoints.
           After lunch, Elaine participated in the visual perception experiment that Prati and Liz are doing while I hung around their lab. Because I forgot to wear contacts, I'll participate on thursday. During that waiting time though, I was introduced the game angry birds which I now find myself highly addicted to. After that Elaine and I talked through some ideas for our final project and presentation. That date is coming up fast and we're trying to begin to crack down on everything...

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