Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 11

          I came in a little early yet again today. I had bought some fish last night to image so I set those up in one of the labs in the basement. I also spent some time this morning learning how to use Gimp to alter our imaged pictures. During the staff meeting today, we all went to see Alex Smith's lab. He is working on building some special computer. It certainly sounds interesting, but I didn't really understand too many of the technicalities about it.
         Then Elaine and I went down to our lab and spent some time imaging with the NMR machine. It must not have been all that exciting because I actually remember nothing about it. At around 11 Halle and I left to go to Mercy. She went to see her counselor, and I had my last day at jewelry camp. It was tons of fun and there was ice-cream as a sending away. When I got back, Elaine and I spent our time imaging a fish. None of the pictures are good; they're all just blobs. It's getting kind of frustrating because we seem to keep coming up short.
          Also Elaine decided to make a list of movies that I should watch. I never know what she is talking about when she frequently makes movie references. So at least I have some fun homework. Tomorrow morning we are scheduled to use the microscope in the NTID part of campus so I'm looking forward to that...

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